Top-up records

  • As mentioned in our in-app message last week, you can now see your top-up records in the "income" tab of the neat app. This is only applicable to top-ups made from last week Thursday onwards.

  • That's great news! I'll test it right away :)

  • @iris_neat There is a message in the top-up record which we can't read fully though. "Dear user, your member ..." Is this message intended for us or for NEAT?

  • @idioteque I did another Top-Up today and that message in question is no longer there. So I guess everything is fine now.

  • Received the message. Great!

  • I did receive a messag in the app, but I get a default "card is underway" screen that cannot be removed(?) so I cannot read messages ....

    I also got an email yesterday the card has been posted, so ... :)

  • I noticed that top-up income message is shown only when the top-up is done via bank deposit machine. It was not shown when it was done via bank transfer.

  • @idioteque looks like something went wrong then, as it should work for both. Do you mean you only did not receive the push notification, or you do not see the top-up record at all in your app? (Transactions > Income)

    EDIT: currently our top-up partner is using 2 systems to make top-ups, if your transfer is an amount with cents (e.g. HK$1000.13), instead of a rounded amount (e.g. HK$1000) a different system is used. Records with cents do not show. An upgrade should take place later this month to fix this issue.

  • @iris_neat yes it seems to be the case. i had two bank transfer top-up recently, one is with cents and one is not. and the one with no cents are shown without problem.

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