Known issues / bugs

  • Known bugs / issues that we are working on fixing. Please comment if you have come across others:


    • Income tab does not show top-ups
    • The bubbles sometimes overlap if 2 categories are both around 50%
    • After you are inactive for 15 minutes you have to log in again (security measure), but are not automatically directed to login screen
    • No notifications for top-ups (currently you will need to log in to the app and you will see your balance has been updated after the top up has reached)
    • Need to login/logout to see the latest card status
    • Fingerprint at login is slow, need to wait around 1 sec before prompt shows up and you can use your fingerprint
    • When you click into a category to see the details and swipe left/right, the text comes in top/down


    • Because the Neat card is a prepaid card, it is not accepted in certain cases, known places

  • @iris_neat in the tx detail screen (android app), you have to swipe left-right to change between week month year view, but the animation scroll the text up-down... (orthogonal to the swipe movement).

    also, when you start the android app and the fingerprint prompt appears, you have to wait a second or so before putting your finger on the sensor. if you start the app with finger already on the sensor, the fingerprint prompt is shown and immediately dismissed, without logging you in

  • ![alt text](0_1481691388046_Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 12.55.50 pm.png image url)

    text on the onboarding is incorrect. you are verifying phone, but the text says email

  • @notmyname thanks for pointing out the onboarding error has been fixed in latest version :)

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