How do i know if i am approved for Neat?

  • It has been almost 1month since i have signed up for Neat and completed all verification.
    I was wondering when i will get my prepaid credit card because the card status just says "Pending Allocation"
    I feel like this is wasting my time because i have been waiting for almost a month already and no notification about this has been email to me yet.
    I will like to know if there are others experiencing this or is it just me.
    What is going on?.

  • Hi Maliki, we have sent you an e-mail after you registered that there are some delays with the card shipments due to overwhelming demand. In normal cases, we verify your account in around 1-2 business days and then ship the card. However, we are currently waiting for the shipment with our next batch of cards, which is actually due to arrive by the end of this week, which means we will ship out all pending cards by next week :). Sorry for the delays!

  • Thank you for the detailed explanation.
    I guess i just have to be patient for another couple of weeks.
    I look forward to start using Neat.

  • We just received our cards and are shipping everything out this week :)

  • OK, received card. Had to sign for it. (Western-Europe).
    card has been activated, one suggestion: please use the last 4 digits as the first code and only then sent a sms code. Now you can activate whilst you still have not the card...


  • I'm trying to fund the account via TransferWise however they state:

    "The reference will be included only with the email the recipient will receive. It will not be shown on their bank statement. Please double-check beforehand with your recipient if a payment without reference on the bank account statement will be accepted."

    So how do we proceed?

  • @Alex Quite a few of our Neat users make payment via TransferWise and we have no problem with it. Please make sure to include the Neat account number that you want to transfer money when making payment. And note that it might take a while for TransferWise to process the transaction before we receive the payment.

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