Euro Top up within EU

  • Is there an easy / cost effective way to top within the EU with Euro. My german bank recognised the swift code but is questioning the Iban (012875-0051-2543) can you provide more detailed information please or ideally a Euro account for topping up?

  • IBAN is used in Europe and there is no IBAN code for Hong Kong. Most of our customers transferring from Europe use third party services as it is a lot cheaper, for example Azimo or TransferWise. If you transfer from your bank directly, note that besides some fees that your bank may charge, the majority of fees can sometimes actually be charged by a correspondent bank, which can come out very high and usually it's not very transparent (in advance).

  • I thought I read that your first topup had to come from an account in your own name. if i use say Transferwise how do i get elevated to a "tier 3 account"

  • @oberon the first top-up does not necessarily have to come from your own name, but if you want to get upgraded to Tier 3, then yes at least one transfer at some point needs to come from a bank account in your own name. Services such as Transferwise use third party providers to make the payments for them and we can only see the name of the company.

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