first impressions

  • I just registered, nice smooth onboarding procedure.

    Two questions,:

    1. the $ in the app are HK or US?

    I only see a shared account, where you fund you neat account by providing 'your cardnumber' as the message. Your startpage states:

    Neat provides you with a local Hong Kong bank account number that you can pay into. Your employer, clients, or anyone else can also make payments to this account, from Hong Kong or abroad. You can either link your bank account, transfer money or make a cash deposit.

    1. What is the deal with the individual current account?

    A comment: using your card number as 'customer reference is suboptimal from a security point of view. ( assigns a customer-id/code)

    Nice addition to the fintech ecosystem! Provide individual accounts, and incoming/outgoing swift/sepa/hk payments (maybe via transferwise) and you will get very busy.

    A HK based corp current account with debit card would a winner also! (maybe multi-currency?)

  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for your feedback. To answer your questions:

    1). It's HKD. You can, of course, use your Neat Card anywhere in the world MasterCard is accepted, but the base currency is HKD.
    2). Yes, agreed. We are working on the individual account numbers :), which would also imply the ability to transfer out.
    3). Regarding the business solution, this is actually what we are currently very much focused on, stay tuned! You can check and this topic for more info.

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