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  • Hello! I have been searching for Debit card for awhile in Hong Kong. I am glad I found one here which is based in Hong Kong! As I will soon travel to Sweden for half month and I remembered the cashless life they are having, so I decided to apply for a debit card with pin to use there. As I know the pin they are using is in 4 digits, but neat card pin is in 6 digits? Is it possible if I change it to 4 digits by myself?

    And one more question is, other than 1.5% is charged for spending in non-local currency, which exchange rate is referring at for the currency conversion?

    Thanks a lot!

  • For your information in HK if you shop in a store actually PIN is not commonly used, it'd only be used for ATM or overseas shopping. HK issued cards normally use a 6-digit PIN and you will not be able to change the length. Even in countries where 4-digit PIN is more common (Europe), this will normally not be a problem. We have so far not heard any complaints that people were not able to use their cards in stores in Europe because of this issue. I remember perhaps 1 or 2 cases where there were some issues with overseas ATM withdrawal possibly linked to this issue, but it is not common.

    We use the MasterCard exchange rate, it changes on a daily basis and you can find it here: It is in line with market rate.

  • Thanks Iris. However, if the card machine can only support 4 digits (especially in Sweden), I may not be able to use it for purchases. This is the point I am still struggle with..

  • @spencerlam even though normally cards in a country use 4-digits, the machine will also be able to accept 6 digit PINs. I can't recall we have had any issues with this.

  • My Swiss card has a 6-digit pin, no problems.

    I also understood last week per MasterCard policy only the first four digits can be checked, and the last 2 get a pass what ever you type in. (need to test that :))

  • It looks like neat is the only card in Hong Kong that supports chip and pin authentication at POS 🤔

  • @spencerlam could you share your experience of using Neat in Sweden? I will be travelling in Sweden later this month and also plan to use my Neat card > cash (which they hate) Any issues you encountered? Thanks.

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