Octopus: AAVS (Automatic Add Value Service)

  • A nice additional feature would be if I could top up my octopus card with AAVS (Automatic Add Value Service) using my Neat account.

  • @Juliew if u know how the AAVS works , you will know this is impossible for a prepaid card to give you this service . Prepaid cards give u no credit limit , when you top up by AAVS , the octopus card company will record this top up by by your octopus card number then they will send to your credit card company to ask for money . This is all done offline so a credit limit is needed for this to happen . Unless Neat gives u credit limit , this service will never be available to u .

  • Thanks for your suggestion. Ideally we'd love if HK would adopt what other cities have been doing everywhere: accept contactless payments on public transport...

    As for Octopus integration we would love to have it, but the 2 available options would unfortunately not be so easy to do on short term:

    1). AAVS - Not impossible but a bit more difficult to do with prepaid. We may not forever stick to a prepaid product, but this is not something that'd change overnight.
    2). Integrated Octopus chip in our MasterCard - this is another possibility and probably even better, but quite expensive, so we won't be able to do it right now

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