Serious issue with transaction and potential fraud

  • On Saturday I tried to purchase an airline ticket through the United website. My card was declined twice online so I called their reservation desk to make the booking. They also could not get approval for the payment of HK$5216. Anyway they assured me that no payment had been made and that I should contact Neat. I did so immediately and got no initial reply. I know one of the founders so I asked him. By this time 8 transactions had been billed from my card!

    He assured me we could sort this out on 'Monday. However it appears that today Tuesday this issue has now escalated. The card issuer says that the money has been blocked by United and they need United to confirm the obvious 8 times charging. United says the booking has not been made and the payment requests have all been denied! I have spent the last couple of days trying to sort this out on top of my busy work life.

    Long and short of this matter is that I could have to wait 40 days for $41,278 to be recredited to account. As I have not been party to this transaction and this could have been of course fraud. We now have a serious not at all Neat issue with the billing process. I would point out that Neat staff have responded quickly. However quick if this had been fraud I have a number of questions for Neat.

    1. How do you deal with a case of multiple fraudulent payments made very quickly mine came in less than a minute?

    2. With large sums of your card users money potentially at risk what are your safeguards and how can you compensate?

    3. Why can't you or the issuer sort out simple billing mistakes like this and not bother your busy users?

    4. Given that we could be abroad and needing the card how can you assure card users that their money will be available for transactions when sometimes vitally needed?

    5. I had not appreciated the importance of a quick response until now. Obviously we get what we pay for in this world. Clearly the big issuers are miles ahead of Neat. Until they can provide proper support what have Neat to offer?

    6. There is the useful ability to block your card. However this can be imprecise as sometimes payments are delayed. I unblocked to pay for something later only to see more transactions queuing through the system. Can Neat get the blocking to be specific to transactions?

  • We can indeed see multiple transactions with the same amount for United Airlines. On our end, they look like normal authorization requests, so we are not sure why United is not able to process them. (more about authorizations).

    Of course we understand that for such a large amount you do not want to wait for 40 days for the money to be released, but in this case as mentioned by my colleague, we’d need some proof from United that the transaction was not successful on their end and they will not try to settle this amount, for example some e-mail proof.

    We would love to take care of the issue on our end completely as requested, as we understand you’re busy, but unfortunately if we would contact United on your behalf, due to privacy reasons, they will not be willing to share information regarding your transactions. We hope you understand that we also need to safeguard ourselves and need some confirmation from the merchant, as otherwise anyone can claim a certain purchase did not go through, spend the balance in their card, and then if the merchant later tries to settle the money, we’d have an issue. Normally merchants settle in ~1-3 days, but there are cases where it happens later, for example fully flexible / refundable hotel bookings, where the merchant may authorize the amount but only settle it if you end up staying. So this is why we ask for the proof.

    The likely reason why the charge was made so often, is because some companies have a system in place whereby if a transaction fails, they will automatically try e.g. 5x more. This is the system of the company and not related to our system.

    Blocking your card instantly from the app is one of the features we offer for your security. We do not recommend unblocking after, but ordering a new card if you suspect fraud. Moreover, you can enable instant push notifications or SMS messages for transactions, so you will immediately get notified when a transaction takes place, which is unlike a normal credit card where you may only find out at the end of the month if you receive your statement that unknown transactions have taken place (actually, for most credit cards authorization holds are even kept invisible and the amount is only deducted from your spending limit)

  • @Triznoz oh , you have that much on your neat card ? Hard to believe it

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