Edit the Spending Analysis

  • Now that I have been using Neat for two months or so, the pieces of information provided in the "Spending Analysis" tab are becoming more and more relevant, I can now track how I spend money quite precisely.

    However, I have noticed that some expenses are not located in the right categories. For exemple, If I order some food from Restaurant A via Foodpanda, it is located in "Groceries" but if I actually go to that restaurant, it is now located in "Food & Drink"...etc.

    Would it be possible to manually assign the categories when needed? It'll probably helps your AI to work better in the next iteration of your app.


  • It would be great if we could manually change the categories ourselves.

  • Updated all Foodpanda transactions to be "food & drink". We might add in the future an option to manually re-categorise transactions from the app.

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