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  • i have tried before like two weeks ago, booking a flight for Cebu Pacific, it did well and debited my neat balance amount. However, trying to book another flight today, then i received a message alert from Neat that says " i spent $1,821.00 on travel at Cebu Air, INC.." then i received a message from the airline that says, the flight is closed and need another card to purchase the airline ticket. Another one, i have linked the Neat card to paypal, and trying to pay thru paypal at AEROMEXICO website for my extra luggage, it did not do well too . This the message i have receivedd , " our trip has been updated. Your payment was not authorized
    We've encountered temporary technical problems processing your payment with Paypal. Your booking has been created but not yet ticketed. Please call us.
    We were unable to process your purchase
    To purchase via phone, please call our Call Center: 1-800-237-6639 from the United States, 5133-4000 from Mexico City, or 01-800-021-4000 from anywhere in Mexico."

    i really thought, this NEAT would help me online booking.

    What then seems to be the problem then, kindly reply asap,


  • For your own privacy, for specific questions regarding your account it is better to send us an e-mail to or contact us through the chat.

    In general, I can see that for PayPal it seems your card is linked but not yet confirmed. If you don't confirm your card, PayPal has limits which I think is why it didn't work. To confirm your card you need to login to your PayPal account and in your card section you can click on confirm card. PayPal will debit HK$15 from your account and you need to fill out the 4-digit code that comes with the transaction. You will later get the HK$15 returned.

    For the Cebu Air case, since you were able to buy last week and we also have many other customers buying from Cebu Air, and also looking at the error message saying the "flight is closed", it seems it is an issue on their side so I'd suggest to contact their support to see what went wrong.

  • @iris_neat i called the cebu pacific already and the staff told me, it is not accepted, therefore, need to book again and will use another card.

  • hi iris, just now checked the PAypal. the hkd 196 is
    " pending"though.

  • Hi Archer, normally any transaction through PayPal would be taken from your account immediately. I'd advise you to confirm your card as explained above.

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