Wanted: test users

  • We're looking for users who'd like to test our new features. You'd be the first to see what we're working on and will play an important role in helping us improve our product 😃

    How does it work?

    Before we release (some) new features publicly, we'd send you a test version of the app through e-mail that you can access with a code. If you experience any issues or if you have feedback, we expect you to let us know, so we can improve it before we release it to everyone.

    Sometimes we may ask 10 users, other times 100 users to test, depending on the feature and the stage of development.

    If you're interested, please sign up here and we will invite you to test our new versions from time to time:

    Thanks so much for your support!

  • Happy to be a test user

  • +1 :)

    (I would have posted the above comment without this but apparently I need to type more than 8 characters ;) )

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